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We blend the best ingredients to produce traditional yet locally-minded miso paste and products. Produced in the heart of L.A.’s Arts District. We hope to serve the local miso demand first and foremost while offering a taste to global neighbors as well. Small batch sizes, unhurried fermentation times, and attention to detail allows us to offer a masterful miso. 


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The foundation of Omiso is our authentic Japanese style miso paste. It takes at least one year of fermentation to create a single batch of miso paste.






Our Instant Miso Soup is a tasty, portable way to get your miso soup fix wherever you are. We typically have five flavors available one of which rotates depending on the season. Currently we are offering: Tororo, Nori, Goma, Italian Garlic, and Pink Peppercorn.





This is our first vegan, gluten free cookie and man is it tasty. Yes, those words are in the same sentence. We combine several types of rice flour, raw coconut, flax seeds, vegan chocolate and some secret Japanese seasonings to bring this yummy treat to life.






We believe that our miso is greater than the sum of its parts. That doesn’t mean that we skimp on the quality of our ingredients. To produce our miso paste, we use only the best non-GMO soybeans or organic soybeans, selectively filtered water to preserve a specific mineral profile and specialized koji strains. We go to great lengths to ensure that our suppliers follow best practices and are the most ethical in the industry. Umami may be the fifth basic taste but we pour a ton of the sixth taste in as well: love.




Ai moved to LA from Japan 7 years ago. She loved the energy of the city and the variety of food. But it was difficult for her to find a good quality soy sauce or miso paste. Ai took matters into her own hands and started home brewing. After lots of trial and error she came up with some great recipes for Los Angeles. She is so excited to bring her Miso baby into the world and share the love of Japan. 

After 5 years of experience as an owner of  farm-to-table restaurants in Tokyo, Nozomi is now specialized in organic, gluten free, and vegan sweets. She also has a strong passion in Japanese fermented food as she got a certificate from Nihon Hakko Bunka Kyokai (Japan Fermentation Culture Association) She wants to introduce Japanese fermented food to the world.